This is Bunyan Architectural organisation, we would like to inform you about a special exhibition on Islamic architecture at the end of January, aimed mainly to study the concept of "Islamic architecture" between the past and the present, and reviewing it within the context of modernity and contemporary.


This will be through several angles and parts in the exhibition presenting these ideas in different and innovative ways.


We would also like to inform you of our desire to share this activity with university students in particular, welcoming volunteer contributions on several levels including: before, during and after the exhibition. Note that the exhibition will be held at the amphitheatre of Katara Cultural Village.


We are looking for organisers, photographers, media professionals, or photography and media hobbyists, musicians and singers. More details of options, volunteering aspects and requirements in the following form.


We'll be so happy with your participation!

For any questions please contact us at:


Mobile: +974 55375437

WhatsApp: +36 70 340 1775