Bunyan Competition for Architecture in the Islamic Context | 2019

   The Finals  


Jury Members

Architect, Critic, and Academic

the coordinator of development and capacity building, research and training in the Department of Urban Planning of Qatar.

Received several regional and international awards

Chief architect at Wael Al-Masri Planners and Architects

His works won many local, regional and international awards

 Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Director of Marketing Department of Katara Cultural village

Received of several scientific, environmental and media awards

First head of specialists in building construction


He has a large number of researches, studies, and published articles

and was distinguished in designing and construction of mosques

Ali Abdel-Raouf

Wael Al-Masri

Darweesh Al-Shebani

Ekremah Garaibeh

The Final Qualifiers

Mohamed Alkady

Project name means (The impulsive planet on its way from east to west and also glowing and sparkling) the roots of the word according to the Arabic language lexicon. And its aim to rephrase modern Islamic architecture by using deeply meaning philosophy because the religious beliefs and ideologies were written in the memory of Muslims thus the project must reflect these beliefs and reshape the physical form of it in which a spiritual case represented and recognized by sympathy. The concept majorly inspired from the surrounding of the Arabian culture nature throw its timeline in ever y aspect of life. first the sun the decision behind the sun was the relationship between the prayer times and the casted shadow and the traditional way of calculating the time.

Second the moon and its relation of HIJRI lunar calendar and RAMADAN the holy month so the decision was to create a circular shape with Islamic pattern that represent the nine phases of the Moon.

Third the five branches which was inspired from tree branches and it represent the five prayers and its value, repetition and the influence. Finally, the dome that was the else new addition to the minaret which is the optimum form to represent the sun and the moon in which inspired from Surat AL Rahman (verse 5) (الشّمس والقمر بحُسبان)

Mohamed Alkady_Poster.png

Omar Tariq Othman


The hidden minaret

The concept of this design is to create a simple and modern minaret that originates from the original shape of a traditional minaret with the emphasis of Nur (light). During the day it stands out as a monument and during the night it reveals the hidden minaret within its walls with the use of Nur (light) and transparent concrete. The hidden minaret shape is displayed through a sculpture of negative space, mimicking a traditional minaret. It is made of fiber optic light mesh. The design can be used to display multiple shapes of a minaret with respect to the city’s history and surroundings. The lower body of the minaret will serve as a reading room with spiritual feelings. 

Nur minaret - Omar Othman.jpg

Shoroq Al-Anani  -  Heba Abu Hamdan

The Breathing Minaret

In our vision, the modern minaret should be responsive to its surroundings, and by the call to pray it will create a visual audible interaction, which will illuminate the way to prayers and It will give them the inner peace.
The skin of the minaret created from Units, each unit represents one component of the Islamic society, they work together as a compact structure and form a living breathing object, they collect the solar energy when they are closed.
And they respond and open to convey the call,  and at night they will spread the light outside. 

Minaret Picture (4).png

Nadjib Siramdane  -  Imene Zitouni

"nun" "ن " is a concept for a futuristic minaret that stand as symbol of connection between the creator and the creation translated in a free dialogue between the earth and the sky, a pure white smooth shape inspired from the action of the pen on the paper when writing the letter "noun" 

thought in way to achieve a strong integration to urban landscape highlighting the modern city life not only as a functional minaret but also as an urban design sculpture a "landmark" 

a concrete covered in fiber glass with a nanotechnologies skin to generate the needed electrical power to create a sublime night ambiances "night scenography".

Minaret Picture.jpg

Yazan Bilbaisi  -  Ibrahim Bazadough

Minaret in the Islamic ages was one of the most important elements of the Mosque, it had a function to let people hear the Adan to start the prayer. The technology evolution has taken the functional aspect, but left the symbolic meaning. We evolved minaret to enhance the destination of Qibla as a new function, and incorporate cardinal directions to amplify Qibla axis. To reserve the Islamic esthetics, we used the triangle which is the simplest form to Islamic ornaments. The design of the minaret can be adapted in any location globally by rotating coordinates, and using available local materials.

Minaret Picture (5).png

Ola Bitar

The minaret of the five daily prayers

The minaret was designed to express prayer and its spiritual meaning that does not change with the change of place, it is the pillar of religion, so the pillar was the main element in the design, and because the spirit of the Muslim with daily prayers, the idea relied on five columns of varying heights that form the five prayers.

A decorative sculpture of Islamic ornamentation was added to denote the dimension linked to Islamic culture and arts.

And the building material of the minaret was the fair face concrete, which expresses simply and explicitly the modern construction technology and expressively abstracts the modern characteristics of the design.

Ola Bitar_Poster.png

Nour Zakri

The Sky Minaret

When we want to design a minaret for our present era, two things must be studied They are our current era and minaret If we looked at the minaret, we would find that its main function was to give the call to prayer for people, but now it is often symbolic of our connection to the sky. If we look at our current era, we will find it full of distortions and problems Here, there must be an element that brings us back to our origin and links us with how we have excelled in the world as a separate Islamic Nation Here this idea appeared.

Nour Zakri.jpg

Sameer Mteir

Flower minaret

Standing still ... ending by a crescent immortalized by history as an Islamic symbol, bearing the call of truth to the people of the world ....

And for its great message, this design was with creative touches that makes it give a positive psychological impact

When we see in the planting a flower erects with its petals and colorful leaves ... This is an indication that life takes place in the veins of this planting ....

The flower is a symbol of life, and this is an indication of the eternity of this religion.

And it is in all its stages, starting with the form in which I chose my design ... All these phases are a source of happiness in the soul of man.

Rose Minarate.png

Nader Gharib  -  Amr Bayoumi  -  Nuha Jalal


The concept based on rising Pray through Light to get a connection between Allah and human being which allows an abstraction of Historical Minaret Profile to build on Hierarchical steps. Minaret abstraction reflects time and place through morphological reflection which changed its appearance according to the five praying times. 

The technology used in Noor Minaret consists of Qibla Responsive Black Wall (RBW) and Fiber Optics Abstract Profile (FOAP). RBW is divided into five responsive digital panels which is using in-place infra-red sensors to trace sun position and response through computation screen to display animated Islamic words wherein it presents the Azan. While the form of FOAP is shown in cylindrical profile which show contradiction between tangible and intangible aspects to be symbolic to different Minarets historical profiles. 

Noor Minaret is a dynamic response to Islamic society by reflecting the five main praying time to generate an atmosphere of respect around this symbolic minaret to show a moment of Islamic values to create spatiotemporal dynamic relation between symbolic minaret and space.

Minaret Picture (3).png

Mebarki Med Lamine  -  Hannane Ayda

Don’t reject, improve!

-The basic idea is to combine between the different architectural elements or forms of the preceding minarets while adding a modern touch by using 03 principal concepts:

-The box in the box (1+1=1)

-The Fissure "a metaphor to the current situation of the Muslim world’’ following the spiral path of the ziggurat outside staircase’’

-Ascension: The panoramic exterior staircase, the elevator and the fissure that lead to the highest point of minaret.

-The materials are used in order to have:

*Texture’s contrast: modern/traditional, concrete/wood, smooth wall/carved wall

*Light’s contrast: Dark/bright

raw concrete/luminous wooden box

-The light coming out from the koranic recitations of the wooden box express the Koran's effect on the believer’s heart:

-The minaret also incorporates solar panels on its roof and a rainwater recovery system for the whole building.


Mohamed Touati

The Speaker

The speaking minaret is an architectural combination that is able for developing and adapting to various geometric patterns (Deconstructionism, Minimalism, Fluid ...)

The minaret represents a civilizational connect between the members of one society, in which it represents a link connecting the ingeniousness of the present, the past and the continuity of mankind. It has several engineering symbols as it represents the voice of society and a platform for the transmission of messages and information that expresses several values and concepts such as uniting society with its differences as a participatory point for his members.

Similar to this last architectural symbolism, the minaret is also an architectural witness and reference, able to symbolizing the oneness of God and showing the vertical relationship between the Creator and the Creature.

Minaret Picture.png

Reda Qadous  -  Noor-alhuda Qadous

Solitude with God

We are interested in spiritual functional aesthetic design at the height of philosophical consistency, with the search for the most appropriate form of the minaret and leaving the decorations and details of each designer creating without restrictions.

- 01 -  The relationship of the prophet Muhammad PBUH his ascension to a mountain 634 meters high because of his solitude with God with the high minaret, which contains a staircase, so that its function is not focused on the immortality of the servant with his lord.

- 02 -  From of the face of man and then his ears with the mixing of the square and the circle, the two most common forms of minarets, and the presence of a philosophy mixed with proportions, so why is our permission not overlapping the square and the circle, on the one hand we see half circle and on the other hand we see half square.

We chose reinforced concrete materials because of the ease of forming Islamic decorations and using circular glass that is in line with the shape.

Minaret Picture (1).png

Hocine Redouan

The minaret of universe

In a glorious highness that represents a great reputation and its closeness to the blue sky, it was born as the tallest minaret in the world with a peak of 300 meters as a junction to link the earth to the sky as a descendant soul to its almighty creator.

In its design, it was based upon showing the spiritual, innovative and functional aspects in Islamic architecture as a pure modern icon which shows the Islamic civilization as a civic and appealing monument that blends traditional heritage with modernity, in which we focused on a new science called the scientific miracles in the holy Quran in the issues 5 and 7 to represent our cultural legacy. The base of the structure is designed in a conical shape as a symbol of the origin of universe and the miraculous verse revealed from the Almighty Allah " On the day of blowing in the wall" then we find 7 stories with large balconies for visitors as a symbol of the seven skies. The entrance of the minaret is in a square shape as a representation of straight path then 5 cubes enlightening the horizon during each prayer whereas the outer space consists of 7 metallic pillars as a sign of revelation of spirit to the seven skies as a hint of acceptance by its cultural shape in Arabesque garments to signify protection where it stands on the base with two arches in a unique design.  Finally, the minaret goes beyond the traditional definition of architecture to a futuristic megastructure.

Minaret Poster.jpeg

Yasser Elmagraby  -  Rofaida AlAttar  -  Abdelrahman Osama

The ​​Contemporary Heritage Minaret


The design idea  depends on forming the present minaret as a link and revive for the traditional Islamic identity with the formulation of contemporary modernity through the genius mass formation that allows to see the minaret differently from all its angles so that every corner emulates different lines of an old traditional minaret, In addition to the color studying which use the colors of purity, serenity, and psychological comfort, also one of the most common elements that was used in Islamic motifs units is the octagonal star that started from the base of the minaret as it was the basis form for the ​​engineering formation which harmonized with modern technologies such as the use of interactive systems to determine the direction of the qibla and the time for the call to prayer also the addition of Nano treated materials that purify the air from (CO2) ,and the use of wind energy as a source of electrical energy through (Nano Vent Skin).


   The Final Voting Stage  

The public’s vote will take up a percentage of 20% of the final judgement result, The remaining 80% is a result of the evaluation of the jury team, which will take place at the end of January. within the activities of Bunyan's exhibition at the Cultural village of Katara, in Qatar.