Bunyan Hackathon I


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Bunyan’s workshop (Hackathon) is a complement for what was started in the webinar "Post Corona Housing", which mainly aims to create visions for architectural designs related to housing for people with limited income, after noting that this group had –specially- suffered in their housings during the pandemic, we also aim to suggest different architectural samples in different places of the world that meet their cultural, living, social and humanitarian needs within limited potentials, in terms of funds or even as a building area.

The event engages students, architects, interior designers and structural engineers as well, with local engineering companies related to housing projects, as the design will take a place in existed housings, with real data such as shop drawings from these companies.

All Designs will be taken into consideration, the aim of the workshop is not to compare the results, but rather to collect perceptions from a very important category in the architectural community, which is the students.

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The hackathon sheds light on the task of designing specific parts in the dwelling through solutions that may be at the level of a single apartment (a space / a furniture / or any design piece in the house) or even the entire housing complex, and this part differs from one team to another depending on the country or region or the expected result of this design in general and determined by the responsible committee of the hackathon.

The goal of the hackathon is to try to imagine future visions in a practical way that emphasizes that the appropriate architectural solutions for a healthy and valuable human life are not exclusive to a specific group of society, and that everyone should participate in raising societal awareness of the right of comfortable and flexible housing design through all circumstances.

The hackathon aims after its finished to attach these results and the proposed designs in its brochure of the Post-Corona webinar. It also aims to publish these Designs and raise awareness of this right and its consequences. It also aims to provide these results to housing consulting firms to give them the option to actually adopt them in the implementation of their projects.

Participating Countries

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Hackathon Timeline

Opening the door of participation

July 6

Announcing the participating teams and work details

July 10

The Second session of presenting the work (video- poster - sketches- etc...)

July 14

Closing the hackathon

July 18

June 28

Closing the door of participation,

Team coordination

July 8

The first session of presenting the work (video- poster - sketches- etc...)

July 12

Submission of the presentation

July 16

Presenting the final designs on Bunyan's platforms

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Conditions for participation

Participation is open for students with the following majors:

- Architect.    - Interior design.    - Civil engineer.    - Structural engineer.

- Graphic designer or Animated graphics designer or video designer.

Participation is available as a team or as an individual, so that the signed up individuals will be coordinated to form the required team for those who could not find an integrated team. Nonetheless, the priority in participation will be for the pre-organized teams.

Specifications of the required team:

- It consists of 3-5 members.

- Contains at least one of the following two majors: Architecture or Interior Design.

- A team representative should be appointed.

All participants shall obtain a participation certificate once the Hakathon is over.

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